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Participant Code of Conduct

Participants will need to agree to this policy when registering online. The text is provided here for your information.

The Boothbay Sea and Science Center is pleased that you’ll be joining us for our 2021 integrated Sea and Science Virtual Summer Program. Our COVID-19 compliant and Participation guidelines that follow outline what BSSC believes is necessary for your health, safety, and success and for the success of the Program as a whole.


Arriving online on time and daily attendance is important to your participation in BSSC’s integrated sea and science online programs. Being late not only impacts your class time but also is disrespectful to the Instructors and the other participants in the program.

Parents Please Note: If your child will be late or absent, as soon as possible, please notify the Executive
Director by emailing info@boothbayseaandsciencecenter.org or calling BSSC at (207) 350-5357.

BSSC participants are expected, at all times, to abide by the following CDC COVID-19 guidelines:

  1. Wear a facemask.
  2. Stay 6 feet from others.
  3. Wash hands or use a hand sanitizer often.

In addition, BSSC participants are expected, at all times, to:

  1. Respect and follow the directions of the BSSC staff unless otherwise directed.
  2. Respect the rights, feelings, and property of all participants, volunteers, and Instructors.
  3. Use appropriate verbal and body language and terminology.

Cyberbullying is not tolerated at BSSC. Cyberbullying is defined by incidents when someone repeatedly harasses, mistreats, or makes fun of another person online or while using cell phones or other electronic devices.

BSSC reserves the right to suspend or expel a student from its online program for engaging in “bullying committed by means of an electronic act…directed specifically toward a participant or BSSC personnel.”

In order to keep our program safe and positive for everyone involved, all participants are expected to exhibit respectful and responsible behavior at all times and adhere to this code of conduct. Failure to comply will result in the following actions:

1. In the case of unsafe and destructive behavior, immediate removal from the program will result.

2. There will be no refunds in the event of suspension and/or removal.

Parents, please discuss these BSSC expectations and guidelines with your child. Respecting others is an understood at BSSC allowing for a thoughtful, considerate, safe and healthy environment.

I have read and agree to abide by the BSSC Code of Conduct. I recognize that participation in the BSSC Virtual Summer Program is a privilege, and not a right.

I understand that if I do not abide by and promote the Code of Conduct I may be temporarily or permanently suspended from BSSC Online Summer Program.