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Top’s’l Sea and Science Program

Who: Grade 8 – Grade 12
When: June 24 – August 16, 2019 (8:30 AM – 4:30 PM)
Where:  Ocean Point Marina, East Boothbay, Maine
Cost:  TBA

Participant Enrollment/Session: Minimum of 2. There will be four 2-week themed sessions.  Students may enroll in more than one (sequentially or not) 2-week session as desired.

Free Day: June 20 & June 21 is “Follow Me to BSSC” week.  Select a half-day and come for free!


The Top’s’l Program is designed for more experienced sailors.  This program allows students to build upon the skills developed at the Stay’s’l Program level and take on leadership roles. Participants work and learn as a team, improve social skills and develop new lifelong friendships. Instructors and advanced level sailors will use BSSC’s 23 ft Sonars as a platform for advancing maritime skills and knowledge including weather observation and forecasting, tides and currents, piloting and navigation and rules of the road. The program also incorporates an advance understanding and respect of the marine environment that includes but is not limited to recording and analyzing weather patterns, studying environmental impacts on intertidal ecology, understanding oceanography as it relates to data collection and embracing ownership and the practice of responsible ocean stewardship.  Fusing sailing and science, students will learn the hydrodynamics and aerodynamics that make sailboats perform optimally.


2019 Topics

  • Exploring Maine Aquaculture
  • Art and Science of Sailing
  • Gulf of Maine Fisheries
  • Marine Technology and Marine Debris


  • Pass a swim test at the Center.
  • Parents / Guardians must present signed Registration forms, Liability Waiver, and Medical forms before participants begin the program.
  • Parents  / Guardians and students must jointly sign “Code of Conduct” before the start of the program.

The Boat:

The primary teaching sailboat for this program is the Sonar a fast 23 ft sloop that performs well in light winds but with a 900 lbs keel is both stiff but able to surf in heavier winds. It is a fun and safe day sailor and has been used in many national championship regattas such as Adams Cup, Sears Cup, Prince of Wales, Cowes Week and many others. The 11 1/2 ft self-bailing cockpit can seat eight with leg room to spare while angled seat backs and coamings are designed for comfort when heeled. It is an ideal boat for beginning sailors and racers as well as family day sails. With minor adaptions it is often used by disabled sailors and has been chosen for the Paralympics.