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Consent and Release for Field Trips

Participants will need to agree to this policy when registering online. The text is provided here for your information.

I/We hereby consent that our child/children may be involved in sailing and any related activity provided by BSSC which may include travel, both local and away and in consideration of BSSC allowing the child to participate in its sailing programs and all related activities, we unconditionally release, hold harmless, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue the Boothbay Sea and Science Center, its directors, officers, employees, coaches, volunteers, and agents from any and all liability for damages and costs and any claim or demand therefore, directly or indirectly arising out of or related to any injuries that the above named child might sustain while engaged in the practice or performance of any sailing activity while at the BSSC or during participation at any event in which the child, BSSC, it’s coaches, employees, volunteers, or agents are involved or that we, the parents/guardians might sustain as a direct or indirect result of the child’s or our participation in, association with, or attendance at any sailing program or related activity of BSSC.