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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child need to immunized to attend BSSC programs?
A: All children must have received all childhood immunizations appropriate for their age two weeks in advance of their first week. More details about this can be found in our Immunization and Vaccination Policy.

Q: Does my child need to have received the COVID-19 vaccination in order to attend BSSC programs?
A: All children attending BSSC programs must have received the COVID-19 Vaccination as recommended by the CDC. A Medical Exemption is an option (i.e. a physician’s/pediatrician’s recommendation not to vaccinate) via our Medical Exemption Form. More details about this may be found in our Immunization and Vaccination Policy.

Q: My child requires transportation to BSSC. What time should my child arrive at BSSC and when should I be there to pick-up my child?
A: Due to the limited parking at our new home at 12 Carter Road in East Boothbay, if your child requires transportation to and from the Center, they should arrive and be picked-up at the BSSC offsite location as assigned. All assignments will be made prior to the first day of your child’s program.

Q: Can I bring my child later than 8:30 am and/or pick-up my child earlier than 4:30 pm.
A: Yes … prior arrangements must be made in writing to the Executive Director. If at all possible, a 24-hour advance notice is most appreciated.

Q: Is BSSC open on the July 4 Holiday?
A: Yes … and we will celebrate the holiday with special activities and a lunchtime cookout.

Q: What does my child need to bring each day?
A: Life jacket, bathing suit, sunscreen, towel, a change of clothes, a jacket/sweatshirt/fleece, hat, full bottle of water, and an extra pair of shoes.

Q: What should my child wear?
A: Lightweight, quick dry pants or shorts (please no jeans), t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, jacket/sweatshirt, closed toed shoes (required). Please direct all questions concerning proper footwear to the BSSC Executive Director.

Q: Do we meet on rainy days?
A: Yes! We have lots of fun sea and science activities planned for rainy days including games, crafts, knot-tying, and dry-land skills and training!

Q: Do we always wear life jackets?
A: Yes! Everyone is required to wear their life jacket while near or on the water – no exceptions!

Q: To whom should I talk to if my child is having problems?
A: Please speak with the Executive Director.

Q: What weather conditions prevent the sailors from going out on the water?
A: If there is dense fog, heavy rain and/or the threat of thunderstorms, and wind speed beyond the capability of the boat and/or sailor (we will still meet and have fun!).

Q: Will my child be in a boat by him/herself?
A: The Turnabout accommodates 2 – 3 sailors. The Sonar is a floating classroom for 6 sailors and an Instructor. We will be assigning boats adhering to recommended CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and the use of facemasks.

Q: What is the Swim “Test”?
A: The “Swim Test” is held every Monday morning for all newly arriving BSSC participants. This activity is done dockside under strict supervision with your child wearing his/her life jacket. This “test” gives the BSSC instructors the opportunity to evaluate how your child reacts to the “cold” Maine ocean water. Unfortunately, your child cannot attend BSSC’s summer programs if he/she refuses to take the swim “test”.

Q: Can children and their families attend special events that take place before or after their participation in the program?
A: Yes! We encourage all children registered, along with their families, to attend all the BSSC special events – including the Friday “Family Cookout”!

Q: In addition to their lunch what should I also pack?
A: Please pack a hearty morning and an afternoon snack. We encourage fresh fruit, cheese sticks, peanut butter crackers, etc. … please no candy.

Q: Will I receive a full refund if I decide to withdraw my child(ren) before they begin their program or anytime during?
A: The BSSC Fees/Cancellation/Missing Program Policy outlines the conditions of refunds. Please note that no refunds will be given for withdrawal during the week, missed days or dismissal from the program for disciplinary reasons.

Q: What actions will be taken if a child attending the program and/or a member of the BSSC staff test positive for COVID-19?
A: BSSC will follow the Federal and State of Maine CDC COVID-19 guidelines and procedures and the recommendations set forth by local healthcare organizations at the time.

Q: What is BSSC’s refund policy in the event it needs to cancel a program?
A: BSSC will make every effort to run a safe, healthy and responsible program. If the BSSC is left with no other choice than to cancel a program, BSSC will give a full refund or give the option for families to receive a credit towards the next summer program. This policy will only apply to those full weeks that a child was unable to attend and that partial days and/or weeks will not be refunded or credited.