My Experience at BSSC

My name is Olivia Harriman and I was a science instructor here at the center this summer in East Boothbay, Maine. I had my first interaction with the organization’s president and executive director, Pauline Dion, back in October when she came to visit Maine Maritime Academy for the annual career fair. She had explained that my primary responsibility as a science instructor would be to educate young kids on the fascinating ocean, we have around us, through hands on activities both on and offshore.

Throughout this summer, my fellow coworkers and I created educational videos for the kids to learn from. The variety of videos we developed is unbelievable. They ranged from teaching kids how to rig a sailboat, how to tie knots, and informational videos on the animals that you would find in the Gulf of Maine. We even did virtual story time for the kids! One of my favorite responsibilities was taking care of our very own touch tank and aquariums with fellow coworkers and best friends, Phoebe Churney and Emily Stone. In our touch tank we had six species of crabs, two lobsters, muscles, and a few blood starfish. This responsibility was one of the many advantages that came with a virtual program. The sailing and science instructors, like myself, gained both knowledge and experience in the afternoons when Waterfront Director and Primary Instructor, Gray Ferris, took us sailing up and down the Damariscotta River. I am very grateful for this experience that I was able to have here at Boothbay Sea and Science Center this summer.


Olivia HarrimanScience Instructor