BSSC is the ocean experience we hoped for

In the 2020 summer we’ll be sending our fourth child to BSSC – three of them will be there together at the same time! We’re from away, so our family’s time in Boothbay each summer is precious. BSSC is the exact ocean experience we hoped for our kids. The program integrates learning, hands-on experience and meaningful structure. The programs are modern and multidisciplinary but woven together to be complementary and well-designed across boating, science and sea. The instructors are experienced and credentialed, and there is a lot of consistency year-over-year. The focus on the kids and their learning and experience is demonstrated at all levels, including the daily presence of the BSSC president and executive director personally checking each child in every morning and saying “see you tomorrow” each afternoon. It is remarkable.

David EastwoodParent