BSSC Crew on Schooner Tyrone

Photo by Fritz Freudenberger/Boothbay Register

Six BSSC Stay’s’l students were stars of Boothbay Harbor’s annual Windjammer Days. Schooner Tyrone’s Captain Rayford Chew and First Mate Carolyn Corbin welcomed the BSSC crew aboard for three nights and four days of sail training and marine science.

Boothbay Sea and Science Center is very grateful for the sponsorship of the program from: Knickerbocker Group, Windjammer Days, Nat & Rhonda, Matthew & Erin Birmingham, First National Bank, J. Edward Knight, Bath Savings Institution.

About the Tyrone

Schooner Tyrone in 1939 in the Simms Brothers Boatyard, Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Tyrone was commissioned by A.C. Tener of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tener wanted a rugged boat capable of crossing oceans yet able to be handled by himself, a hired captain and cook. The 73-foot boat was built in 1939 and until the late 1960’s, was owned by Dr. Tener. For many years, Tyrone made her home in Boothbay Harbor. A fitting homecoming and a wonderful new experiential program for BSSC students.