Boothbay Sea and Science Center has a new home

From left to right: Mark Carter (seller), Vicki Carter (seller), Brenda Blackman (VP, Branch Manager Boothbay Harbor, The First National Bank), Pauline Dion (BSSC President, Executive Director), Nicci Kimball (VP, Commercial Loan Officer, First National Bank), Jack French, Esq. (BSSC Treasurer), Matt Carter (seller), Eric Graves (BSSC Vice President)

On Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at the First National Bank in Boothbay Harbor the Boothbay Sea and Science Center (BSSC) closed on the Estate of Mildred A. Carter located at 12 Carter Road in East Boothbay. This working waterfront property will support BSSC’s seasonal program, extend the reach of its in-school seaweed farming program and provide a platform for the development of after-school sea and science programs serving the youth and families of the Boothbay Region and beyond.

“It is truly a privilege for BSSC to honor the Carter family and Fuller family maritime heritage. And it is with great pride that we take on the role of preserving and protecting this historic parcel of Maine’s working waterfront,” said Pauline Dion, President and Executive Director of the BSSC.

Home to boatbuilding and lobstering, this Linekin Bay property has been in the Fuller and Carter families for more than 200 years. “This property has a long history of boatbuilding and fishing tracing back hundreds of years,” said Matt Carter. “It was important to our mother, Mildred Fuller Carter that being it has never been out of our family, we found the right fit. Boothbay Sea and Science is that right fit. I’m sure that there would be a smile on Mom’s face knowing children will be learning and enjoying the land that she grew up on. The future is bright and the biggest winner will be the kids.”

This 1.33-acre working waterfront property features two homes, a boat shed and three wharves, all of which will help the Boothbay Sea and Science Center to continue to realize its mission of advancing sailing, boating and ocean sciences by minimizing economic and physical obstacles as well as developing independence, self-confidence, teamwork and volunteerism in the participants. And further to inspire individuals to strengthen themselves and their community through the enjoyment of the sea.

“I was lucky enough to grow up on this beautiful property,” said Matt’s sister Vicki. “I learned to swim and fish here as well as navigate the ocean and life. I will always be grateful to the Boothbay Sea and Science Center for preserving this unique place I called home. I look forward to watching the children of the area and beyond learn to love Linekin Bay as my family also did.”

The programs have been very popular with families in the Boothbay Region.

“With BSSC’s new home and waterfront, our grandchildren continue to have opportunities to learn boating skills and marine science,” said Robin Whitten, a grandparent. “We watched with such joy when our grandson learned to row last summer. We want to help secure BSSC’s future on Linekin Bay.”

“The Boothbay Sea and Science Center wishes to acknowledge the tremendous ongoing support that we’re receiving from the First National Bank. And together with more than 90 donors whose vote of confidence that together we make a difference – our dream has come true,” said Dion.

Rob Whitten Principal at Whitten Architects in Portland, Maine is working with BSSC on site concept plans for the property. The preliminary plans are available on the BSSC website at: Comments and feedback are welcomed and can be emailed to: .

“Boothbay Sea and Science Center has its heart, head, and hands in the right place…getting kids on the water and teaching about team work, science, and the natural world of the sea,” said Whitten. “I look forward to helping plan and organize the land side of the BSSC.”

Charlie Poole and Scott Dyer of Custom Float Services located in Portland, Maine is teaming up with BSSC on plans to repair the current waterfront infrastructure that includes docks and floats.

“Over the years, Custom Float Services has worked with a number of youth organizations that promote education on, around and in the water. Boothbay Sea and Science Center has the energy, spirit and a can do attitude to make their new home at 12 Carter Rd in East Boothbay a first class facility for their land side and sea side activities! We are very excited to help and be a part of re-building the 12 Carter Road waterfront for BSSC!”

BSSC opened its doors in 2013. Beginning in 2015 BSSC began offering its uniquely integrated sea and science program at Ocean Point Marina in East Boothbay. Hundreds of youth from the Boothbay Region and beyond have participated in hands-on activities that have taught them sailing and rowing skills and engaged them in experiential marine science programs. BSSC prides itself on being a catalyst for responsible ocean stewardship.

“BSSC offers equal and affordable access to uniquely integrated experiential sea and science programs to youth ages 5 – 17 that promote water safety skills and a better understanding of what lies between the surface and the seafloor.” said Dion. “During the summer our weekly topics embrace the aquaculture and fishing industries, address marine debris, marine technology, the warming ocean and rising tide, and Maine Maritime History.”

This summer BSSC’s programs will be held at their new home at 12 Carter Road in East Boothbay, according to Dion who said there’s lots of work to be done before the Center opens its doors on June 19. BSSC is seeking volunteers to help get everything ready in time for opening day. To volunteer and/or donate much needed items on their “wish list” please go to BSSC’s website at

“We still have clean up to get done before we are ready to welcome our participants and their families this summer,” said Dion, who noted that BSSC’s fundraising is ongoing to cover the costs associated with repairs and ongoing maintenance and to fulfill their obligation of ownership to the First National Bank.