A “growing” program

We are extremely pleased to share that we are entering the fifth year of our in-school Exploring the Science of Seaweed Farming program. To date we’ve collaborated with more than 10 Maine public schools with this experiential program. In this program middle schoolers explore the conditions under which Saccharina latissima (sugar kelp) and forma angustissima (skinny kelp) grow. We are very excited about working with Southport Central School, Boothbay Region Elementary School, Edgecomb Eddy School, South Bristol School, Medomak Middle School, Freeport Middle School, Lisbon Middle School, Lincoln Academy, Bergstrom Homeschool, and Greely Middle School this 2021-2022 school year.  Working with Maine sea farmers, more than 100 students will gain an understanding of an industry that is truly “growing” and that has the potential to positively impact our economy and workforce.  A very special thank you to the Onion Foundation for their ongoing support of this “truly growing” program.

For more information about his program, be sure to check out our Seaweed Program page.