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Request for Financial Assistance

Please note: The Financial Assistance Request Form MUST be submitted and approved before registering for a session.

All applicants for Financial Assistance need to complete this form. To be given preference, completed Applications must be received by June 1. To apply for Financial Assistance, BSSC requires the following:

  1. Application: Complete the application below including the parent and student statements;
  2. Interview: Applicants and parents may be interviewed as part of the application process. In the event that this is deemed necessary, the BSSC Executive Director will call to schedule an appointment with the parents and applicant.
  3. Student Highlights Letter: If your student receives Financial Assistance, BSSC asks for the student, at the end of the session, to provide a letter describing the student’s favorite parts of the program and what they learned. These letters make it possible to provide Financial Assistance in the future.
  4. Family Contribution: We ask that all Financial Assistance recipient families commit to volunteering at BSSC to support our Programs

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Desired program(s) and session(s) *:
Mizzen Discover BSSCMizzen session I Week 1Mizzen session I, Week 2Mizzen session II, Week 1Mizzen session II, Week 2Mizzen session III, Week 1Mizzen session III, Week 2Mizzen session IV, Week 1Mizzen session IV, Week 2Stay's'l-I Discover BSSCStay's'l-I session IStay's'l-I session IIStay's'l-I session IIIStay's'l-I session IVStay's'l-II Discover BSSCStay's'l-II session IStay's'l-II session IIStay's'l-II session IIIStay's'l-II session IVTop's'l Discover BSSCTop's'l session ITop's'l session IITop's'l session IIITop's'l session IV

Have you participated in the BSSC Financial Assistance Program Before?*

Which of the following adjusted gross income ranges best describes what you filed on your 2019 (or most recent) Federal Income Tax Return *:
Under $40,000$40,000-$55,000$55,000-$75,000Above $75,000

If the income range listed above is not from your 2019 tax form, please enter the year of the tax form from which it is taken:

Do you have other dependent children?*

If yes, how many and their ages

Is the student/parent/guardian willing to volunteer to support the BSSC programs?*

Do you know anyone who has participated in our programs?*

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By checking this box, I hereby confirm the accuracy of the information provided by this application.* confirmed

The financial assistance form will be available once registration begins on January 13, 2020.

A principal goal of the BSSC Financial Assistance Program is to provide access to the integrated Marine Science and Sailing programs to participants who otherwise are  unable to afford the programs. BSSC reviews Financial Assistance requests on a case by case basis and reserves the right to award Financial Assistance based on its sole discretion. Depending upon available funds and space, BSSC will attempt to ensure that all students who desire to participate in the integrated Marine Science and Sailing programs are able to do so, regardless of financial circumstances.